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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Jeff & Rocky's Defamation blue

Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru's defamation suit by NSTP prompted me to ponder over the subject on defamation. I actually requested Malik Imtiaz to post an article on the law of defamation based on Malaysian perspective. He did not respond to my request.

Unable to get another to do so, I thought, maybe, it would be better that I start doing it myself. That's how this blog is born.

I will be writing on the legal aspects of defamation based on English Law and hopefully, I will also find time to do some case studies on Malaysian legal perspective.

Hopefully, if by chance, any lawyers or legal practitioners and lecturers of law had viewed this blog, I sincerely hope they could contribute some articles and advices on the subject matter. That way, we hope to provide readers a better insight to the law on defamation and understand the limit of freedom of expression.

Maverick, I can't thank you enough for this invaluable insight and information on defamation. Facing the same problem, it is a relief to know that as long as we can prove what we say is the truth, then we cannot end up in jail. I have searched high and low on explanation on defamation and your blog is the best! Thank you and I pray God will bless you always...
Hi Anon 7:47pm,

You are most welcome!
I really like what you have posted here, it is a very well written and great article that gets right to the point. You could use a little reworking of the blog layout though, but the design is overall very nice. Great job, Thanks!
You are very great,I like your post.It's very useful.Thank you for sharing.
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